The Newbro's Guide To Null Space

Federation Uprising Takes A Trip Into Null

Ashterothi: "Why are we looking at null?"
Valindil89: "Dank isk bro, dank isk!"
Ashterothi: "Sold, let's look at it..."

So yeah, FEDUP is testing the waters of Null and as such I'd thought this would be a perfect time to write a guide about null. I want our website to become both a public face of FEDUP/JREX, and a source of information and tools for the general public of EVE. I don't claim to be a null expert, but I hope I can impart some wisdom on to you.

One thing to remember is that NULL SEC is a completely different area of the game, and comes with different challenges and rewards. Hopefully after reading this guide you will be one step closer to being prepared for it. However, the best way to learn is to jump in and do it.

A Word of Warning To You

NULL SEC can be a very unforgiving place. If you are new to the game in general, it is not a recommended area for you. You will become easy prey for the hunters there, however you can still learn to live.

The thing to remember is that You Will Die.

This is only a matter of when, and if you read this guide I hope that when will be later rather than sooner. Don't whine, complain, or get mad if you die in null. Sit back, look at what happened and learn from it.

Get Ready Before Coming

If you just joined, or are looking to join a corp for diving into the null sec empire, pause. You need to get prepared to come into null. The only way to do that is to read, read, and read some more. Here are a few things you should do before jumping into null.

  1. Read this guide in full.
  2. Read all your corp bulletins. You can find these under the corporation window in the home tab. CORP>HOME>BULLETINS. If you are part of an alliance then read the alliance bulletins as well. Your new corp/alliance should be providing you with all the information you need to know before heading up there.
  3. Know where you are going, and plan a path. I'll cover ways to get into null later, but you need to have a plan.
  4. Learn the surrounding area via dotlan.
  5. Learn where all your available jump bridges are, as this can make travel in your area a lot faster.
  6. Find out if there are common gate camps on your routes, and be prepared both mentally and ship wise.
  7. Learn how to use dscan, and know some pvp basics.

Pay Attention

I cannot stress this enough. PAY ATTENTION... PAY ATTENTION... PAY ATTENTION... If you cannot do this simple thing, then don't even bother coming into NULL SEC. There is a plethora of information available to every capsuleer in EVE, and it can be overwhelming at times. However if you can't take time to sort through it, then don't come. There are minimal levels of awareness that are required to not get killed every minute of everyday. Specifically there are two places you should always be keeping an eye on.

1. Intel Channel

If you are part of a coalition or major alliance you should have a dedicated intel channel for your area. A lot of times it will be streaming with tons of information. This is where knowing your area comes into play, as you need to be able to quickly see if a system reported is near you. Using the intel you can see if the group is heading towards you or away, and if they are heading towards you, get safe.

If your intel channel is anything like mine it will look something like this:

[02:32] Valindil89: 3KNA Asterothi Ares
[02:33] Gimli: ME- Asterothi Ares
[02:56] Valindil89: BKG-0 Kontraband Derptron

If you notice it follows a very simple format here which is "SYSTEM - PILOT NAME - SHIP THEY ARE FLYING".

Watching this information can save your life, literally.

2. Local Channel

One of the worst things that can happen to you as a ratter or miner in NULL SEC is a neutral pilot randomly showing up in your system. If you didn't see them on intel this could be alarming for a few reasons. (a) They could have logged off in this system, and just logged in. (b) They are moving fast enough that they slipped past someone, so they are likely in an interceptor. (c) They just popped out of a WH that is in system, which means they know how to probe and can probe you down.

None of these situations can you control, but you need to be able to react. You should have your dscan open to keep an eye on incoming space, and know if they are headed towards you. You should be aligning out of your position to a safe somewhere. Finally you should be recalling any drones you have.

If they show up on your descan before you get your drones in, leave them. To me it is better to leave your drones than give this neut a killmail.

Keeping Safe

Just a quick tip about how to keep safe with neuts in the system. If you have access to a citadel, then tether up or dock up. If you have access to a station then dock up. If you don't have access to either, then you should have several safe spots already made in the system. You should begin bouncing between these spots and not staying in any one point long enough to allow them to scan you down.

Interceptors, Interdictors and Bubbles

These things are baddies in NULL SEC. Most likely one of these things will be the reason you die.

1. Interceptors

Interceptors are some of the fastest ships in the game. They are Tech 2 frigates that have role bonuses to allow them to be effective tacklers. Not only do they (a) move fast and (b) tackle well, they are immune to warp disruption bubbles. They still cannot warp when tackled by a warp distruptor or scrambler, however they will fly through gate bubbles like they weren't there. This allows them to move extremely fast through null, often times making 30+ jumps in under 5 minutes. If you see interceptors heading your way in intel, just go ahead and start getting safe. They will be in system and on you faster than you can imagine.

2. Interdictors and Bubbles

These are Tech 2 destroyers that will ruin your day. They have the ability to launch warp discruption bubbles that block warping in a 20k radius from the probe. Nothing can warp out of these bubbles, no matter how many stabs are fitted to the ship. The only exception to this are interceptors, nullified t3cs, and yachts. If you see one of these, run. "Sebre" seems to be the popular choice in my neck of the woods.

Blues VS Neutrals

The area I live in is coalition owned, and thus there are lot's of blues. This makes it a tad bit more safe, and one can get a little to relaxed in the area. Blues are alliances, corps, and players that you have worked out a relation ship with to trust them not to shoot you. This doesn't mean that 100% of the time they won't shoot you, it just means you pseudo trust them not too. Anyone who isn't blue to you is a neutral and should be treated as an aggressing enemy. The real difference between blues and neuts though is that with blues you have a channel to go to and yell at someone. Usually you can resolve the issue and possibly get an isk compensation for your loss. Neuts, you are just shit out of luck. So if it is not blue, shoot it. AKA NBSI.

Coalition, Alliances, and Corps

So you may have heard me mention coalition a few times. If you are part of one you most likely know what I am talking about, however if you aren't then you might have zero clue. Like an alliance which is a group of corporations, a coalition is a group of alliances. Coaltions are usually managed by setting +10 standings with other alliances and helping each other to maintain sov in an area. It really is just another level of organization above an alliance.


In high sec and low sec, you may not pay much attention to wormholes. They may seem like an ellusive object that people in eve talk about. In NULL SEC that is a different story. I treat wormholes like cancer, and so do most null groups. IF you see a wh, keep very close attention to local as it gives an unmonitored entrance into your system. Most of the ships that come through it will be covert ops cloaked (aka cloaky black ops bullshit), and you won't see them coming. You're only warning is your anaomaly probe window, and local chat. If you are part of an alliance with sov, then they will normally work together to "roll" or close these wormholes. This prevents unwanted neutrals from entering the system/pocket.

If the wormhole is not a direct-to-highsec wormhole then my alliance/coalition's policy is to roll it. It won't stay around for long.

Getting To Your Home

Getting out into your home in NULL SEC can be challenging for a new player. I usually recommend a few different ways. And they are as follows:

  1. Death Clone: Your corp should have an office in their system, set your death clone to that office and suicide yourself. Instant warp into pocket. You don't need to bring anythign with you except isk anyways. A good corp will have supplies for you to purchase / use there.
  2. Wormhole: Find a direct connection wormhole to your pocket.
  3. Tavel Interceptor: Gate jump the whole way in a travel ceptor.
  4. Yacht: Grab a luxury yacht and gate jump the whole way there.


For now I have imparted a little bit of wisdom on you, and I hope you heed my advice. If I think of more things to add, I will revisit this guide and updated it with new sections. I'll keep a change log at the bottom of the page so you can see how recently it was updated.


2017-4-10 - Added "Getting To Your Home"

2017-4-10 - Created Guide

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